Allow the dark parts of your soul

And then there comes a moment in your life where you thought you already had it all under control, and then it turns out that there is still a part that comes up what needs to be healed. We don’t want to see or feel this, but we will have to face it in order to heal it. We want to heal, our soul wants to heal deep inside. Because it is precisely those pieces of yourself… which you don’t want to face, that will bring you closer to yourself. Sometimes it’s digging for a while and sometimes you have to go through it again, the things you had hidden away so well. And according to many, it is something that can stay away, or is just fine in a dark part of your consciousness. But it will not bring you the happiness you are looking for, if you do not allow those things, those processes, those experiences and pains. The body is in fact a very intelligent system that can help you in every process, but through all the experiences, education, beliefs and programs that run in your system, you have somehow started working against yourself. We\’ve built walls of protection mechanisms and we have tucked away layers of pain and grief, so we\’ve built a certain survival strategy that helps us through life and protects us from everything that comes close to our hearts. A certain form of dissociation is hereby created, which makes you disengage yourself from everything and can no longer get to the deepest parts of your soul. Why is this important you might think? Well if you have always been looking for what your goal is in life and always looking for what you really want, then it is first important to get in touch with your heart and soul. And to get there, you will first have to solve, heal and re-program those layers and programs within yourself.


You can no longer run away from yourself


Then it is time that you face yourself and to go deeper into your process of healing, because there are quite a few layers … even though we are often not even aware of that. It is time to look at yourself in the mirror and realize that your ego is still trying to keep certain processes in your system. Your comfort zone where everything still feels safe, and you do not have to look at yourself and therefore have built up a protection mechanism from your ego. Your ego consists of layers that may slowly break down in order to become whole again. This will go by trial and error, and the deeper you go the more difficult it can become. I say ‘can’, because in fact it is all an illusion. Only you will be able to see for yourself how your programs, your ego, your system and illusions are built up. And only you can adjust this system and reprogram yourself until you come back to yourself and can live from your heart again. And know the path of your soul again which you can follow, because this is what you really want in life. And because this is the way which makes you happy and ensures that you can always live from an open heart. It will give you complete confidence in life and the processes that present themselves and you realize that you no longer have to shut yourself off for everything and everyone around you.


Open your heart


It remains a recurring topic in which I keep saying how important it is to open your heart, to come back to yourself. It is a process that will give you the freedom to live as you want. Opening your heart is something you first have to do for yourself. It is important to learn to love yourself again, and for many this is perhaps the hardest thing there is. For me it is a process that I struggle with for years because of what I have experienced in the past, and these imprints are deep in my programs where I am currently working on and trying to heal every day. I know how difficult it is, that’s why I can write about it, but I go through the same processes just as well. Self-love is the key to everything, and if you have embraced that and really opened your heart to yourself, the rest will follow automatically. Until that time it may be that you sabotage yourself out of automatism, old programming, comfort zones, protection mechanisms, survival techniques, etc. And self sabotage is something we do very quickly because it’s familiar to us. It takes a lot of courage to step out of that well-known comfort zone and really choose for yourself out of love for yourself. And throwing all beliefs overboard, which keep you small to live your true potential for which you came here on earth to do … to live from your source! Your source that consists of love and that enables you to get the best and most beautiful out of life, and everything that you could possibly imagine. Your self love helps you to fully trust in life and especially in yourself! It helps you see that you can create everything in life and can be anything you want, if you believe in yourself. So go and deal with those dark parts of yourself and know that you have to go through the dark to get to the light. Shine light on those parts that need your attention and help yourself heal because you are worthy of it and because you find yourself more than worth it … and especially because you dare to choose for yourself and love yourself!



Love D

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