Keep your ego on a short lease

Sometimes it is so difficult not to get carried away by your own thoughts and beliefs, because you quickly create a story that is not based on truth. This may have to do with your experiences and conditioning and the only way to keep this in check is to occasionally keep your ego on a leash and retreat. This is only possible by becoming aware of your behavior and becoming aware of your ego. Everyone has an ego, some to a lesser extent and others even more. It is difficult to pass judgment on it, given that everyone has a different background and a different past. Everything is a creation and every creation can be changed by becoming aware of it. Why do we let our ego take a walk with us at some moments? Is it out of fear? Is this your believe system or those of another? Is it because no one ever listened to you, and do you therefore want to be heard in a different way, so that your ego plays up? Go and take a look at why you do the things you do.


Play the game 

Play the game of life in a way that you want, but try to use your ego in a different way. Then look at how the environment reacts to you. If you have always responded in a certain way, you can also try it differently. Often the reactions from the ego are a much harder way of reacting, it is one out of fear. But if you change everything and respond from love, the environment will react differently. Go play with it and see what different ways of communicating can do with you and the other person. See how you feel about it and build it from there by doing it more often. Love is not easy, but it is the way. If you react from ego (fear), you can never fully accept another person and you also don\’t accept yourself completely. After all, you are reacting out of a certain protection, and that can be a very natural reaction that you can turn back yourself.

Belief is the key

The ego also has a way to let you react as an autopilot and you probably always do this, but you will probably always get the same reactions. Some may think that they are getting the reaction they want, but that is, of course, enforcing power. And everything you enforce is not out of love. It is not bad if you never knew better, but if you want to change consciously and want more love in your life, you will still have to make adjustments and keep your ego on a shorter lease every now and then. Your beliefs that have been imposed by yourself or someone else have created your ego. Your beliefs have made you strong and protected you against everything that made you smaller or have hurt you. Your beliefsystem has ensured that this way of life works for you. But those beliefs keep you away from love, love for yourself and love for others and love as it is. If you are fine with your ego, then this blog is not meant for you. But if you are consciously involved in your personal development and want to become aware of patterns and also want to break these patterns, then you are on the right track here.  

Watch your behavior 

See where, when and how you react to something. Sometimes it can also be something small. As an example: I had removed my old facebook for personal reasons, but not everyone was happy with it, because i got messages like: \’Why did you remove me? Why did you throw me out?\’ Then someone is seemingly very much in his ego, and finds himself very important. Because that person takes it so personally. Then I can also react out of ego and say for example:\’ Not the whole world is all about you!\’ That is also ego of course, because you want to hold a mirror to the other person. Sometimes that\’s okay, but sometimes you have to think whether it\’s worth it. Sometimes you can better think  and react out of love. Or find a middle way in it, by keeping a bit of a mirror in front. My reaction was: After having given an explanation.\’ You do not have to take it as personally;)\’ Then the person knows enough and you have not completely ended up in your ego, because you have made it known in a loving way. You don\’t always have to give explanations and you can choose to keep it in the middle, by saying that you have your reasons and it is not about the person. There are of course several possibilities. See and feel what works for you at that moment. But don\’t go straight in resistance and react from your ego, because then you just create the same thing every time. And you do want to change certain patterns right? 😉 So get started and see what works for you and try to do it out of love, without going over your own limits, of course. You will see that the outside world reacts differently than when you do it in your old and familiar way. It\’s all getting used to at first, but this always happens with changing patterns and behavior. The point is that you take that first step and have confidence in yourself and that you have the opportunity to create another reality. You can change the world and especially your world by dealing with it in a different way and responding in a different way, out of love.

Keep your ego on a short leash and live from your soul

Love D