The flow of life

I often catch myself disappearing in the life of someone else, by following everything from people through social media and what they seem to have more than me. And the disadvantage is that I don\’t see myself as entirely successful in life at that moment. It is of course an illusion to think that, especially since everyone\’s life is different and everything you see from someone else is a snapshot. It is often our thoughts about it and in our heads we romanticize. Because in reality nothing is what it seems. It all seems to be so beautiful, but you never know which road someone has walked to get where they are now. Why do we let ourselves suck into the desire and wanting to have what someone else has, instead of looking at our own lives and living in the NOW and what is present at the moment?


Living in the now

 Of course, the pressure of this society also has to do with it, and because we often find it difficult to accept a situation for what it is. A situation in which you currently do not have the opportunity to do those things that you want. I also find myself struggling often to stay in the here and now and longing for something else. Then you also see motivational videos passing by of people who live their dream life, and that it is all your own fault if you do not live the life you want. On one side that is completely true, but on the other hand, those little videos also make me a bit sick of it, because it tells me that it is not good or right where I am at this moment. And what if the NOW is just enough and is somewhere you need to be right now. It is also about learning to accept where you are now? In any case, it causes me some contradictions, which I sometimes have a hard time with.


The moment

 I do not believe that men has been made to always produce under high tension to achieve certain goals, and that is what my burn-outs have proven to me. I believe that it is about the flow of life. That you go along with what is happening at that moment. It is possible that one moment you have inspiration for something and the other moment you do not. Or as I had little energy in recent weeks to get started, and now have more energy to tackle certain things. One moment I do not manage to arrange certain things and other moments I can finish it all at the same time. But that is because I have completely surrendered myself to the peace that I needed at the moment when I had no energy. Despite my head sometimes told me differently.



But that is often the case, the battle that you do in your head and continues to frustration. The need of something, instead of wanting. Of course, hard work pays off, but at the expense of what? It is not always just fighting to achieve your goals in my opinion, it is mainly about the development you experience and that you continue to enjoy that process. So sometimes surrender is more important than always to go into that struggle to achieve something. It\’s not always work hard and play hard and sometimes things need more time to come into fruition and we have to learn more lessons along the way before achieving the final goal. So give yourself a chance to take those rest moments, so that the right insights also get the chance to integrate. And often we also forget that if we have had a period of intense stress, we also have to give time to the body to regain balance. Just like with sports, it is just as important that your moments of rest are just as important as the moments when you work out. We only often forget this and we think that the body can handle everything, if we keep pushing it hard. In any case, you will be presented with the bill. If it is not in the present, you can get it in the future because you can get health problems. And then you can\’t even enjoy what you have worked so hard for.


To enjoy

Once I was with a friend who needed to pick up her child at a daycare and it was really nice and warm weather that day. And when we were there the child of the woman from the daycare came out of the house cheerfully and said that he had done his homework and if he could play outside, but he was immediately sent back inside and had to make his homework even more. The boy was so disappointed and sad what I could understand so well. We live in a system where we can not even have time to really enjoy the moments when they occur, because there is always something we have to do. Working, paying bills, shopping, sports, etc. But what is being forced? And don\’t you want to be able to do certain things when it suits you, like working? I do not want to pay bills either, but unfortunately that has to be done. But life could be so much easier. It often feels like we are in a straitjacket here and have to comply with so many rules that it sometimes becomes difficult to enjoy. Life then becomes a struggle and you aren\’t in the flow of your life. What are you going to do to take steps to enjoy life more and make life easier for yourself? Because it really can be easier;)


The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes. -Adyashanti


Love D

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