Your unique soul path

For a long time I have been searching for myself, because I thought I had lost myself somewhere along the way. Sometimes you live a life without being aware that you ended up in a survival mode. This survival mode is generally led by the ego and ensures that you can completely lose the connection with yourself at certain times. Your life passes you by and you try to follow \’the rules\’, given that you know that you want to change. But that is where the spiritual pitfall comes from. One that everyone can end up in, and one in which you want to do everything strictly according to imposed rules. With spiritual pitfall, I mean that according to the \’spiritual side\’ it sometimes has to go according to certain rules, to find that happiness somewhere. And if you do not stick to those rules, you will not find the happiness you are really looking for. But that is of course an illusion, since we create our own reality and always have to follow our feelings. Now it is necessary in some cases to believe in something extreme, in order to come to certain wisdom again. Because I am also someone of extremes, black and white, everything or nothing and this attitude has brought me good and bad things. Because I lived in extremes, it has been difficult for me to find and keep the balance. But I learned a lot from it and at a rapid pace, which brought me the necessary experience. But somewhere on my path I have lost my way, at least that\’s what I thought. Everything is, of course, a \’perception of\’ and we can have faith in the bigger picture and that everything goes as it should. But in addition, we are also human and  humans want to keep everything under control as much as possible and have control over his or her happiness. It also has to do with what background you have and where you come from and identify with. And situations of this kind can make life a lot easier or more difficult for you, it depends entirely on the choices you make. But in the end you can trust that you will always return back on the right path. Where you end up in connection with yourself again, and through this you will also come into connection with the world around you.


The ways of life


We all follow different paths, with different backgrounds, beliefs, perceptions etc. And then it is important that despite living in a world with many people who all have different opinions, to stand your ground, and stay true to your life and what you want. The different paths we walk each time brings out another \’you\’ and if you have lived a lot in your ego, then finding the way back to yourself may be the biggest challenge for you. Especially if you want to get in touch with the world around you again. If you have lost the connection somewhere, you first have to try and find the connection within yourself again. This can mean that you may have to completely shut yourself off from the world and everyone around you, to see who and what you really are. Who you are in essence and what you want to transmit, without the opinions of other people around you. But it is also important that you do not let your ego take over which will try to keep you away from your true self. How do you connect with your true self again? It is important to learn to love yourself again, without all those expectations and opinions of everything and everyone around you. Not allowing yourself to be influenced anymore for what the world expects around you, and to draw your plan to do what your heart and soul desires. It is important to follow your soul path and not let anything and no one lead you. Of course you will experience resistance if you make certain choices for yourself, but this should not stop you. Follow your intuition in this, even if you sometimes can’t explain it yourself.


Let go of all expectations to yourself


In this process it is important to also release all expectations to yourself, because your path unfolds the way it does at that moment. What I want to say is that your thoughts may change every day, minute or second. Currently, the energy directs you to follow the flow of life. No more fixed schedules, no promises or agreements, but live in the spontaneity of life and what is happening at every current moment. No more dramas because of not meeting up at your own or other people\’s expectations, because now you live your true soul path and the path that your soul has chosen. Why should something or someone go against the fact that you are faithful to yourself and your soul? This is the way to follow and the way that brings you to that bliss within yourself. You follow the path of your happiness and  no one should stand in your way, not even you. Because we have grown up in a world of division and ego, expectations and control (conditioning) it is difficult to move away from certain perceptions, such as expectations. But now is the time to break free of those conditions, because now the energy of change has come. We are supported by the universe and by the new time that has arrived. We are the forerunners that bring change to the consciousness of the people, so let us all choose to step out of those conditions and follow our own path without expectations. Now is the time to pave our own way and do what we have come here for. Enjoy ourselves and the world around us by being in connection with ourselves and therefore with everything and everyone around us. Let us step out of the beliefs of deficits and division, and come back again in abundance and unity, for in fact we are all part of the whole and we finally return to the same source from which we all came.


Stay true to your own truth


It is also important at this time to remain true to your truth, regardless of whether this is true for others or not. We are multidimensional, so everything is truth, but it is about you living your truth. Everyone lives in their own dimension and each plays his or her own role in it and everyone needs role-players for that, to play out or process those things that are necessary for his development and for evolution. It all depends on what level of awareness you play your \’game\’. The higher you grow in consciousness, the more you will see the bigger picture and adjust the truth accordingly. There has also been a moment for you that you took something for your truth, until you knew better. So there is no point in judging someone else\’s path, given that this is exactly where he or she should be for his or her soul path and for his or her growth in development. It is important to realize that we live in a world of duality, to learn all these lessons to help us grow. It is important that we do not leave ourselves behind and do not forget to enjoy on the way. Stop imposing strict rules on ourselves and just try to live your truth. Not being judgmental or have expectation, but especially to grow, learn, play, love and enjoy. And of course always follow your feelings and do what makes you happy. And do not forget to love yourself in the whole process, because self-love is the key to ascension and self-love brings you back to yourself completely.



Love D

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