Ascension process part 2

Throughout all the emotions that will come out and energies that circulate, the whole ascension process also involves all kinds of different processes. I will mention the different processes that can pass and what I have experienced myself. Irregular sleep or restless sleep, lots of lucid dreams and sometimes so tired that you almost do not get ahead. Nausea and dizziness. Tingling or itching in and on your body on different places. Pressure feeling. Flu symptoms. Buzzing ears. Burning or blurry eyes or literally exhausted, in that case it is wise to just take your rest. Your body can also change, you are balancing between old and new. One moment you almost don’t like to eat anything and the other moment you\’re hungry for everything you’ve sworn off, such as meat or junk food. Just allow this, because this is temporary. Your body wants to ground itself during the whole process, and really also needs it to ground. I have also gained and lost quite a few kilos in recent months, but I know that this will eventually stabilize. You may also trust in this. It is important in this process that you learn to listen to the needs of your body, although you have no explanation for it. Your body knows very well what it needs, and then your mind can’t get in the way. So eat what you need and rest when you need it.

Physical symptoms

There are certain physical symptoms which can come by. Certain minor symptoms, which you thought you were cleared off, can come up again. Becoming sick regularly or your intestines can get upset, intestines are about emotion and letting go. Intestines are also called the second brain of the body, so if you have emotional issues, this can have an effect on your intestines. Every body part has some kind of meaning, such as kidneys and bladder relate to fear. Liver and gallbladder represent anger, frustration and literally bile spew. Lungs are for sadness and colon for insecurity. Stomach is for emotional worries, including depression, anxiety and feeling that everything is too much. Milt is for self-confidence or the lack of it, and also for digestion. And then you still have a small intestine, that is when you get diarrhea if you get more on your plate than you can tolerate. And as the last and most beautiful part of the body the heart, which stands for vulnerability. So emotions have a lot of direct repercussion on your body. So when you are in the ascension process and your body wants to heal itself, with the help of the energies that are now circulating on earth, know these are some of the physical symptoms that can come by. These are all part of the process, so don’t lose faith and know that you are on the path of ascension. But if you don’t trust it, you can always ask help for certain symptoms. All these processes can also cause physical symptoms such as muscle pain and so on. Rest is important and also loving yourself. Go to the spa, get yourself a massage or go to a healer to speed up the process or help soften the process. Nature works wonders, so go outside. Go to the forest to get recharched, ground and remove all negativity. Or go to the beach or somewhere where water is, given that water is very healing for a human being. Keep listening to the needs of your body, but know that this is all part of the whole process.

Dna is changing

Your DNA changes literally and your body is so intelligent that it can heal itself. Resistance will only make it more difficult at the moment. Because your DNA changes you can become more sensitive to everything. Meaning you can get skin rash from certain products that you have always used before. But your body can no longer process this, partly because it is not good for your body. Certain allergies may occur, such as eczema or other fungi, just to give an example. Because you become more sensitive, it can also happen that you are going to want or need to change your diet. You can no longer tolerate certain foods, and this can involve meat or fish or processed food. This has to do with the fact that this food is no longer pure, and therefore not pure for your body. Your body is your temple, so it is important that you look at it that way and that you take good care of your body. Exercise is also very good for your body, so that you can let go of all the emotions and energies that you have picked up or held on to. Since everything is energy, and needs to flow again. You don’t have to train very hard, but moving your body like walking, cycling or cardio would also be enough. Honor your body and keep listening to your body!


Because you become more sensitive and because your emotions are released, you will also develop more empathy. You may start to cry more and become more emotional for certain things that you see and / or experience. This can be confronting and take you out of your comfort zone, but know that you are going back to your true being and your authentic self. Your ego begins to crumble, because your ego will no longer serve in the new age. In this process, you want to pull back and want to be more by yourself. Without influence from others or from the outside world, because you will be increasingly pick up more on other people’s emotions. You can close and / or lock yourself up and want to do more soul-searching. This can be lonely, but know that you are not alone. Your whole life can change, because the choices you made first no longer serve. You no longer want to lead your old life, but choose a different path. A road that is more in line with your new ME. And you\’re going to look for like-minded people to find  connection, and I mean \’real\’ connection. This whole process will create all kinds of emotions that you can hardly keep up with. But if you stay with yourself and continue to listen to your needs, you will increasingly \’fine-tune\’ (focus). Better and better you know how to react to your emotions and therefore you know what your emotions want to tell you. You will come back better to your center and you will unlearn everything which always been taught to you. You will strengthen better and you will realize more and more what it is all about in life and what your potential is. You start to realize more and more that you are the light and that you are capable of much more than you have been told all this time. You will come closer to your essence.

Negativity versus positivity

These feelings that you have felt and that you have kept away and hidden between your ego and pain, will also help you to look differently at the world. You will see that certain emotions and negativity have a very bad effect on your system, and can also keep you small. You will also be able to endure less and less negativity, violence, drama etc, so that you will also do things and look for things that increase your vibration / frequency. With which you will come in a state of positivity and manifestation. We can all achieve this state if we go through all processes. Be aware of everything you eat and read and listen, given that everything has a certain vibration / frequency. Go into nature and make contact with nature. And when you want more positivity in your life, then you will no longer be able to look at the violence on TV or the news as often as you used to. Then you will no longer eat processed foods and you will no longer judge or spread negativity. Stay true to yourself and always listen to your feelings, and do not be fooled by anything or anyone. If you are in a transformation, your environment will not always be able or willing to participate. And then your environment will try to pull you back, but stay aware of what you know and feel is good for you. Because you are coming back more to yourself, you will notice that you can listen to your feelings better and better. Do not doubt your feelings and follow them at all times. Even if you have never done that, you can learn to do it again. You can learn to trust yourself and to believe in yourself! And especially have faith in the entire ascension process.


Love D

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