Ascension process part 1

We can not deny that life makes you feel certain emotions, which you prefer not to  confront or feel. But it is a certain process that keeps on going and what is needed in the creation of life. We do not want to feel because we have not done it all this time. We do not want to know because we would rather stay ignorant. We do not want to wake up, for the fear of what it will bring us. After all, fear is only an illusion if you can and want to see this for yourself. But that does require certain processes. You will have to go through certain layers of healing and awakening, and that means that you may begin to feel again. You can feel the sorrow and pain and suffering again, because those feelings are also present. Over the years we have become magnificent in labeling everything as something \’good\’ or \’bad\’. But why is that really? Who has determined that grief and suffering and pain is \’wrong\’? Isn’t it that all these emotions have given so many beautiful lessons? Isn’t it that all these emotions make you feel that you are alive? Isn’t it that all these emotions can make you appreciate the other side of the coin? Because if you have never experienced grief, pain or suffering, then you would never appreciated the other side? Then you don’t know what it feels like to be happy and you don’t know what it is like to live a joyous life.

Embrace the process

This process that we are all in, will bring us all closer to ourselves. Closer to our true essence and back to our feelings. This will ensure that we can live from our hearts again, and that we can create from there. The whole creation process starts from your heart. But to get there, we will first have to go through a few steps. You also can’t go directly from start to finish with monopoly, because you will have to get through all the obstacles first. In life, these are just your lessons, and how you live your life. That makes life so beautiful that you can learn so many things along the way. If everything would go that easy, then you do not really live and then you will never be able to embrace life as well as you do now. All life is a process that you can embrace, with the good and bad times. Because after rain there is always sunshine, only we are so inclined to linger in negativity. We are so used to complaining and not really wanting to feel. We are so preoccupied not wanting to feel, so that we fix ourselves in a vicious circle of \”misery\”. That time is over now and you can become aware of all the processes that are going around and where you are at the moment. You don’t have to push anything away, because everything can just be present. Without labels, without judgment and without resistance

The healing process goes into layers

You will go back and forth with your feelings and sometimes you won’t know where to go, but realize that this is all part of it. You start to feel again, something you\’ve been pushing away all this time. Not wanting or being able to feel all that time because you were not able to do that or because you didn’t learn it. But this is how life is and can be. Because we often stick to it and make it into a comfort zone, the process will only last longer. Only when you allow everything, it will dissolve faster. We are in a process of healing and this can be healing from years or perhaps from previous lives. Do not expect in this whole process that you immediately can be where you want to be. This too takes time, and you have to remain kind to yourself throughout the entire process. Sometimes your body still has to follow, while your head is already there or vice versa. It goes a step ahead and then a step back. But know that in those steps ahead, you always take something with you. You will have healed a bit in all those steps forward, although you do not consciously realize that yourself. Just trust that this is the case. We are also drawn through different layers of consciousness. This means that one moment your in 3D thinking (the old thinking with old patterns), and the other moment in 4D or 5D, this is where your consciousness is expanded and you look differently at things and life. You will have less judgment about yourself, other people and the process. This will go back and forth, but you will always go a step ahead. You can really rely on that!


Faith is perhaps the most difficult thing when you are in the middle of a part where you have lost confidence. But keep on believing and remain confident that you will also come where you need to be, and where everyone will be. Every person walks a different path and each person has a different level of consciousness. Please do not compare with someone else\’s process, and stay with your own process. In faith! Rely on your feelings and your healing and your path, because someday you will help someone else with his or her process. And then you will also tell the same things to that person what I am telling you now. You also will be the forerunner of someone else at some point, and that is not because you are better. Because I am not better either, since I also had to undergo all those processes to be where I am now. And you will also undergo those processes, to come where you need to be. And you will also help the other people through these processes to show them the way, by shining your light. You can only help someone else if you help yourself first. If you let your light shine, then the rest will follow you and then there will be a better and more beautiful world. Which is within reach, you can have faith in that. But do not force anything and don’t get attached to a time reaching this, because in reality we live in a dimension where time is an illusion. Time is 3D and the rest is infinite, have faith. This is the ascension process!


Love D

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