Claim your sovereignty

It is time for us to choose for ourselves, at a time when people are too attached to the things that are outside themselves. We live in a society in which most of the people are still looking for their own way and have lost themselves somewhere. We attach ourselves to people, jobs, things, animals, words, behavior, convictions, opinions, expectations, outcomes and so on. We are identifying ourselves with everything around us, and forget to look at ourselves and what we are in our deepest source. By not being able or daring to make a choice ourselves, we end up in a vicious circle. To let happiness depend on something outside ourselves, will ultimately only disappoint us. A job can not make you happy, things can not make you happy, likes can not make you happy, other people can not make you happy. This is all an illusion and temporary happiness, but not the happiness that comes from the source. We can not claim other people, and expect them to make you happy. Yes, you have friends and family, but you should not claim them, because everyone is responsible for his or her own happiness. I see people putting their own happiness in someone elses hands and expecting (often unconsciously) that they can be made happy by those people. And if something goes beyond the so-called norm of expectations, they want to keep it together by force and wriggle in all kinds of turns trying to keep it in check. This can be done by playing the victim, manipulating or people who fall into the drama, etc. But if you are going to feed this, then you just keep it going. It is up to you to claim your own happiness. Nobody is responsible for your happiness, and no one can claim you. Do your thing, and do not let your life be determined by others, because then you end up pulling at the shortest end.


You do not have to explain your way


Sometimes you’re walking down a path by following your intuition without knowing why your doing it. Your higher self is already wise enough to see those steps ahead. Your higher self already has a path for you, it is only up to you to listen to it. Even if you sometimes don’t understand it yourself, listen to what your heart tells you. I have learned that sometimes when I take steps or make decisions that at first it did not seem logical to me and that I didn’t understand why, but which were very clear afterwards. And afterwards it was always the best way for me. Sometimes you do not always need to know the answers, but you have to trust your own feelings. If you choose for yourself, you will get resistance. This is usually the case if you do something based on your feelings. And also because you finally choose for yourself and this does not fit in everyone\’s image of happiness, you will also get resistance. Unconsciously people feel a change coming and they can not accept that, they want to control their happiness (which is of course an illusion). Nobody can and should claim you. Conscious or unconscious! Make sure you always keep doing what you’re attracted to, your intuition is your guide to happiness. Do not step into the drama of other people and their wishes, and do not feed the victim role they are in. If you still do that, you will maintain everything that you want to become separate from.


Letting go is loving


We often don’t see it, but sometimes letting go is the best thing you can do for yourself and for the other person. Another person often does not know in which role he or she is, and often does not know that he or she manipulates you or the situation to keep everything as it is, in that safe comfort zone. But if you want to live and choose for yourself, then you have to get out of that comfort zone and have faith in the process. Letting go can be difficult, but is not impossible! Letting go makes you not only choose for yourself, but makes sure that the other person can also choose for themself. Because everyone is responsible for themselves. If someone wants to go, let him go. You can also love each other if you are not together, because in some cases the other can be just poison to you. And stop you in everything you do and want to do. Love is letting go and to trust. And you don’t lose what belongs to you, you can trust that. Another person should also wish you all luck, because you deserve it and vice versa. But now is the time to choose for yourself, no matter how difficult that is for some. Your happiness depends on it. Even when you are alone for a while and you come to be alone with everything, know this is the way you get your wings and build your character. This way you come to see that you do not need anyone for your happiness and that you can do everything yourself. This way you discover how strong you are and what is possible. This way you will find out how you can shape your happiness, because you claim your sovereignty! Something we should all do.


“Those who fly solo have the strongest wings.”


Love D

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