The universe supports us all

Often we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the universe supports us in everything. We often seek answers, but we do not want to listen. Or it’s that we do not hear the answers because we don’t believe in them. But the universe always helps you. It is always there, because you are the universe. You are always in contact, and you are your higher self. Only we are often so busy in our head, that we do not see that the connection is already there all the time. It is about surrender, and seeing what presents itself at all times. We are already in sync with the universe, and thus ourselves. Only we may start to feel that for ourselves. No more force, but flow on the energy that is there at that moment. Just let it all go and get out of your head, because your head is just there to understand things. Follow your feelings, follow your heart and do what your heart tells you. It is time to follow your heart now and don’t take on the responsibility of the world around you. The time has come now to make choices that make you happy. Let go of those old beliefs, and start your life now with new choices. It\’s all yours! Why would you let yourself be influenced by choices made by your head or by your surroundings, or old patterns? Why should you not be able to make other choices? Or why should you not be able to change choices? You … only you can make yourself happy and only you can create your reality. Stop pleasing and having expectations! Now the time has come to get out of your head and just follow your heart.


Your steps are supported


If you follow the path that your heart desires, you will notice that everything is even more in the flow. Nothing is difficult anymore in your life, because you are supported by the universe. The universe rewards those people who follow their heart\’s desire. Just do what you want and when you want it, and leave the outside world for what it is. Everyone has an opinion about the choices you make. And you will undoubtedly have an opinion yourself. But what is an opinion? An opinion can change and nothing is as changeable as a person. And if you’ve made or changed a particular choice, then you yourself and the outside world will automatically adjust to that. Everything becomes habituated, and everything becomes normal in the long run. It is often only your own judgement that gets in the way, and that keeps you away from the life you really want to lead. Go on the adventure with life, because it has so much more to offer. The universe supports you in the way that your heart wants to follow, because you are the universe and you are in that moment in accordance with your soul path. Do not make it difficult for yourself and go for the things you want to do in life. Throw all opinions overboard and do not let anything from the outside world influence you. Stay honest with yourself, because only then can you be honest with the outside world.


Honesty is the key to success


Your honesty will now be your key to your success, because the energy of this new earth only works in your favor if you are always honest with yourself and the outside world. Speak your truth and live your truth, now is the time to make it happen. Anything that is no longer in alignment with your souls desire, will only work against it in the long run. Try to stay in that flow and follow your heart and soul desires. Most have forgotten to listen to their intuition and over-analyze their lives, but forget that this is not creating happiness. Go listen to your feelings again and follow your heart … I can not say it often enough. This is what we are here for! This is our mission on earth, to just be and be happy. This is our birthright! Step out of the modal of society that things have to go according to a certain picture. Who says you have to hold a certain job? Who says that you must have a relationship? Who says that you must have children? Who says you have to have a certain position? Who says that so much more money makes you happy? Who says that an animal should make you happy? First try to find that happiness in yourself and then decide what you like from your heart. Simply let go of all those expectations and live with the day and every moment. Step out of those old patterns, and start the adventure of change. Just do not try to be that serious and just enjoy, you don’t need much. Only yourself! You are the key to happiness, because you are the universe and you create your own world! True change comes from within, so choose for yourself … then the rest will go naturally.



Love D

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