How do you want to program yourself?

We are at a time when everything is manifesting and creating in a rapid pace. Most of mankind is still asleep and is still following what is being served up to them, through the media, environment, education and everything you read and where you connect with. It is important to become very aware of the path that you want to follow and what you want to connect with. How you want to program yourself and what you want to become for yourself and your happiness. Until 2020 it is important that you become aware of your programming and that you claim your sovereignty again. That you will consciously choose what you want to connect with and how you want to be programmed. We are such an intelligent system that we often don’t realize how powerful we are. We don’t see what we can achieve with self-love and what happens when we can separate ourselves from those things that are not good for ourselves and our soul path. It\’s all about choosing yourself out of love for yourself. No longer adjusting to the \’habits\’ of now, but choosing your own path that will bring you more joy. With this you will also be an inspiration for others to do the same.


What do you choose?


A lot of people do not realize that what you connect to, becomes your reality. Which people, what kind of food, what you read and what you watch on TV. Everything you do in it programs you and becomes your reality. So if you want a different reality, you choose a different path. Go read books that help you grow and increase your awareness. That takes you out of the old programming and shows you the world in a different way outside of all conditions. That makes you think differently, and helps you to create something different. Choose to connect with only positive texts, programs and people. Let go of everything that keeps you in dramas or stories, or manipulation and victim roles of others. Stop watching the news, and if you did not know it yet … the news has been manipulated on all sides! This is to keep you in that old programming and to keep you in the lower frequencies of fear and anger …. Choose to only connect with those things that give you energy and increase your frequency. Stop listening to stories from people who always have something to complain about, without looking at themselves. People who are convinced that they are always lacking, and therefore live in lack. People who can’t be grateful for what they have right in front of them and can’t appreciate the small things. People who always have an opinion about everything and everyone, without being open-minded and open to their fellow human being. People who have difficulty connecting with themselves and therefore also the outside world, which creates separation. This separation which makes them think they have the right to complain about everything and everyone. Be the change that you want to see and choose happiness for you.


Everything is energy


The reason why I always come back to this is because I’m helping to reprogram everyone. The more often you read this, the more it becomes your own reality and you are reprogrammed into a better version of yourself. Everything is energetically connected! Everything you read comes in your reality and helps you further, so try to keep connecting with texts that help you further. Continue to connect with people who inspire you to do what you didn’t think you could, because those people inspire you to get the best out of yourself. Connect with TV programs that are fun and radiate love or are programs you can learn from. Stop watching only those drama series or watching war and horror or news. This all reduces your frequency. I\’m not saying you should stop doing that, but some are only looking at these kinds of energy-lowering programs / series. And then you can’t expect your life to look beautiful if you only see misery. And the more you come to your feelings, the more you will actually feel these kind of frequencies in your energy field. See the beautiful things of life again, and go on discovery with yourself. Go and see what you can do and / or create to raise your awareness again. You may discover hidden talents. The more you expand your awareness, the more you will understand how everything works. Pay attention to the words you say, because they also broadcast a frequency. Everything you say helps you create. Everything you do, say, and everything that you connect with, can be decisive for your future. You can change your reality at any moment, so what are you waiting for?


Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”.? – Einstein



Love D

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