Letter to my ‘old’ me

Dear \’old\’ me,

I leave you with love, along with the past. I leave you with love with everything that no longer serves me. We experienced beautiful times together, but especially very tough times. There were times I didn’t even want to be here and longed for \’home\’. I have learned a lot from those times and what a beautiful lessons I have learned. It has made me grow and has shaped me into what and who I am now and I am eternally grateful for that. Dear me, what a crash course did i get of all the \’heavy\’ times and lessons that have finally come to development so nicely. As if so many lives have already been lived in this era, and suffered so much.

So many dramas that occurred and so much pain, frustration, fear, sadness and anger has passed. But also beautiful moments that have brought me joy, happiness, love, adventure, courage, peace and harmony. In all honesty i have to say that the recent years in my opinion was difficult to experience. But that time is over, because I\’m leaving you behind. I release the victim in me. I choose a new road, and this time I will pave my own way … my own path. And leave everything that no longer serves me completely. I will let go of all those who no longer belong there. I release all negativity and all negative people, situations and energies. I release all old patterns. I let go of all the grief. I let go of all fear. I release all anger. I release all frustration. I let go of all the pain. And I let go of my old role / victim role. I completely let go of anything and everything that no longer serves my highest good.

It is time to fully shine my light and stand there for myself and for all those others. I\’m going on adventure. It is a time to be the example, that things can and may be different. That I can live out of love and do this in all joy, harmony and balance. And live in abundance! That from now on I am radiating love and happiness, because that is our true essence and the true source of our being. It is time to stand up in full confidence in myself and in my future. It is time to be a beacon of love and light, because the revolution has begun. The revolution of love and light, the change is there. The change is me and so many others with me. I forgive my old self for everything where I feel any shame or guilt for and I thank my old self for all the beautiful times and lessons. And the moments that I did not see myself, but that time is over. My old veil goes off, my protection goes off and I am going to develop my new self with courage, trust, love, vulnerability and with an open heart. Thank you for everything old me and goodbye. And welcome new loving me, I am ready for all new blessings!


Love D

P.s. This letter is for anyone who can and wants to use it. With everyone who resonates with this letter, to read and to integrate and share so that it ends up in the ether. So that you can let go of things and your old self. For anyone who can not find the words, this letter is also for you, and realize that everything is energy. So everything you read and take in will begin to manifest. In love and light!