From powerlessness back to trust

Sometimes you come into situations where you have no control at all. And what you can do is try to let go, see and approach everything calmly. That is not always easy, because you get sucked in that moment where things are not so clear anymore. Frustrated being left behind, asking what you still can and must do to get out of a situation. To regain control to where it was safe in your comfort zone and where everything went well. But in the meantime we know that your comfort zone is an illusion that you have made yourself. You hold yourself stuck somewhere, because life itself is always in the flow. Life is one smooth movement, it goes in all directions. Sometimes perfect in your eyes and sometimes less perfect in your eyes. I say in your eyes, because what you see is your perspective. Nobody looks at things the same way, like you. Your convictions, experiences and imposed rules that ensure that you put yourself in a certain straitjacket. You have guaranteed that you want to pursue a certain role that is perfect in your eyes. You have to make sure that you want to keep control over something. But if you have more confidence, things will eventually slowly unfold. Regardless of the fact if certain \’higher\’ powers, situations or people are trying to go against you.

Get back in your power

Certain situations can get you out of your power, and you will not be able to function properly at some moments. But realize that this is also part of the bigger picture. Certain situations can trigger you, and that never feels good. But these situations can help to release certain emotions from your system. Certain old beliefs and emotions that want to leave your body and your soul, because it no longer serves you. Do not let this process get in your way and don’t get frustrated. Know that this process only wants to serve you and this process is part of the ascension. You will be helped by the universe by letting go of those layers that were deeply hidden. It may not go as fast as you want, but it will gradually disappear. And thus you will become more and more strengthened in your power. Do not force anything and don’t try to take control either. That is precisely the key to this, that you learn to completely let go of control. And when the time comes, the right solution will come. Just when the moment is there, everything will go smoothly. You can trust that, that\’s the process. The process of life.

Letting go of always wanting to respond to negativity

In the ascension process, certain things will also come on your path that will trigger you to respond from your old \”me,\” to see if you are willing to change. And if you practice what you have preached. It is all a test, and you have to pay attention. Out of love for yourself, because if you fall back into judgments about yourself, the situation or other people, then you are not being nice to yourself and you do not trust the process. It is important in this process to look at your own behavior from out of love. This also means that it can sometimes be difficult to not respond to certain people or situations. If certain people react to you or something you believe in, it has more to do with their process and the level of consciousness they are in. We are always inclined to defend ourselves or to correct someone else, but then you will eventually give away all your energy and strength. And you will soon fall back into the old, and your \’old\’ role. And this while you want to change so consciously, and you want to step out of a certain role. Realize that this behavior will no longer serve you, and this sense of proof will only remove you further away from yourself. So it\’s better to just say nothing, and you let go of the urge to respond. We still want to create a new ‘me’ right? We still want to trust on the process right? We still want a life full of love and joy right? That is why it’s important to no longer want to feed the negative. That is why it is important to let go of control. That is why it is important to let go of everything that is presenting itself, and simply have confidence in the process. Have faith and keep believing in yourself. It may not go right instantly, but that is not a bad thing. You are on the right path and you are aware and you are working on it. This is only a reminder that helps you in your process, which you can fully rely on. You are on the right path and you are almost there.

\”Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do not have.\” – Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Love D