Return to yourself

How do you do that again? If you no longer see things clearly and your just making all kinds of scenarios in your head, because we are very good at that, right? Sometimes you can suddenly lose all contact with yourself, because you have lost your balance somewhere along the way. Somewhere you haven’t recognized and picked up the signals that were so eager to warn you that a step back is necessary. That moment you’re so good in the flow and you’ve got energy for like 10 people, it sometimes happens that after a while you bump into a wall at 120 kilometers per hour. Well, and then you try to find out what happened and where it came from. Taking on too much and not listening to your body properly again. Thinking that you can handle the whole world, because that’s also the case at that moment. And that\’s where balance comes in, the balance you\’ve missed in this case. But you can also get it back by returning back to yourself.

Where to start?

You can first start by being kind to yourself, and realize that you have to take a step back. You can give in to what is present at that moment and not to resist. If this is the case, then let it be for a moment … until your ego is fed up with it. Resistance only means that you’re not yet ready to surrender to what has presented itself. And you’re still too much in your head and can\’t accept it somehow. Surrender is an art that you can learn to manage, and you will go through trial and error. But the most important thing during these lessons is to always be kind to yourself. Don\’t condemn yourself about the process you\’re in, and see the blessings that you\’re going a level deeper. And a level higher in consciousness, because you’ll see everything more clearly when you’re again past this phase. Don’t force anything, because this also means resistance. Don’t go in your head because it will not find solutions. Just let yourself and your feelings be there, because that’s good as it is and you are good as you are. Don\’t make it unnecessarily difficult for yourself, because life is already a challenge. Go see the lessons and deal with them in a lighter way. Just find your center again by taking a step back, taking care of yourself and finding your balance again. Let go of all expectations of yourself, because you thereby create your reality and the world around you will only continue to reflect this. Try to see where you have programmed yourself to meet expectations, because you can also convert it. Really become aware of your behavior and patterns and this time choose to do it differently. And really let go of everything and know that everything is there to serve you and to give you the lessons that you can grow from.

Take stock

If you have lost yourself for a moment, it’s possible that you’ve lost everything for a moment and cannot think clearly anymore. You’re going to try to make forced choices, because you’re constantly in your head. But you can see from this that you have gone beyond your limits. Because if you’re in balance, then you know that you’re in balance with everything that presents itself. You always trust your feelings and what it has to say, and you only use your head when it’s really needed. We have forgotten how we can and should use our intuition, so it’s a pitfall if you get out of balance and go back in your head. The moment you do this, you can take another step back. The moment when you’re going to act out of your head may be a signal that you are no longer in contact with your intuition, with your higher self. And your higher self always leads you on the right path, no matter how illogical it sometimes seems. Often when something seems illogical, your ego (head) will start talking to you again and will \”invent\” all sorts of stories why this happened or why it happened. We’re a star in making up stories in our heads, because somehow we no longer trust ourselves. We have forgotten to have faith in ourselves, our intuition, our higher self. All this has to do with conditioning, which has been imprinted on us from an early age. But you can change these programs in yourself. You can \”reprogram\” yourself, by becoming aware and by looking at things differently. Put everything in a different perspective and increase your awareness, by researching different truths. Whether you initially believed it or not, but it’s important that you learn to take your blinders off and increase your awareness and see that there are more truths that you’ve always believed.

Be more open to what life has to offer. The more you are open, the stronger you get and the quicker you get back in balance. Because you get a lot more self-knowledge and notice faster what your pitfalls are. You can therefore intervene faster if you become unbalanced, so that you can come back to yourself. All learning processes and self-knowledge will help you move forward and you will increasingly learn how to deal with yourself and the world around you. You will know better how to let things go and find the balance in yourself again. And from this position you will feel much better and experience more happiness, because you know that everything is as it is. And because you have complete confidence in yourself and the processes that you go through. Because trust is all there is, only we have to start to believe it again.


Love D