The art of doing nothing

You know how it goes, when you get stuck once again with everything and you don\’t know what to do with yourself. Everything is against you and you also don’t know which way to go and what the right choice is or isn’t. Your intuition seems to be abandoning you and the only thing you can do at that moment is to surrender to what is. Total surrender to having to do nothing about something, yourself, a situation or whatever. Just allow everything as it is. This is difficult for a lot of people, because we are so used to always having to do everything from ourselves. We are constantly making plans in our minds and we \”must\” know what the next steps are. But what if you don\’t know that? What \”should\” you do if you just don\’t know it anymore? Well that’s just it … you don\’t know …

Something we all find difficult is to surrender to not knowing, because somewhere we have the feeling that something is not going well or that we’re doing something wrong. But what if I tell you that not knowing is just part of the process of life? What if I tell you that you are exactly where you should \”be\”? How would that feel for you? Are you willing to surrender to doing nothing? Do you understand that it’s sometimes good to do nothing at all? And that this also belongs to life, because a big change is coming. Because often these kinds of things are accompanied by an energetic shift that is coming, that you don’t see yet.

When in doubt …

When you are in such a stalemate, you get all kinds of thoughts through your head, so that you only make it more difficult for yourself. Because your in your mind like that, you end up in a resistance and you will never come to the solution that you hope to find. Look .. we are all good at over-analyzing, but did that over-analysis always helped you well or did it put you under more stress? If a person is always in his head, it is difficult to oversee everything clearly. And your head has no answers for you if it’s not in balance with your heart. We all want to follow our heart, but it\’s not always that easy. Partly because external factors also have to do with it. You want to take steps and also feel that you want to move, but you are not moving forward and then it’s up to you to do nothing at all. Because if you’re still too much in your head, you will constantly start doubting and create more resistance. This doubting brings you out of your balance again, and making it more difficult for yourself. In this \”do\” mentality that we have learned from an early age, it is important to \”be\”. Doubting is already a signal that it’s not the right time to make a decision, but that it’s time to surrender to the moment. Just being there without having to do anything. We often want to be too happy, but we also forget that sometimes it’s important to also take those moments of rest.

Silence before the storm

If you simply do nothing and therefore end up in a state of \”being\”, then you give yourself more space. And if you do that enough, the answers will come naturally at any given moment. And that’s something that the human brain often finds difficult to grasp, because we think we can only solve problems by thinking. But precisely by thinking so much, you block yourself. Thinking doesn’t solve anything, it actually only creates more thoughts and more resistance. It’s important that if you stop your thinking for a moment, you will slowly return to yourself. And when you come back to yourself, you come back to your feelings. And your feelings are always a guide in everything you do in life. Your feelings will lead you where it needs to go. Your feelings will give those answers that you are so desperately seeking for. You can also relax in the silence, because you’re often prepared for something new in this phase. You feel that you want to move forward, but because you don\’t know anything, you get frustrated. But know that this all happened for a reason. And realize that at the moment of not knowing, you are at a point in your life where a lot will change.

Flow, don’t force

Your feelings will keep you in the flow of life and if you start forcing, you will come into resistance. Forced thinking about certain situations, and continuing to do this repeatedly, will only leave you more frustrated. The flow of life invites you to do everything that presents itself at that moment. And sometimes that can mean that you just have to \’do nothing at all\’, and surrender to what is in the resting phase. You can\’t always know, and you don\’t always want to know. Sometimes certain laws of nature are even stronger than you, and you can think of anything with your thinking.

Thinking also makes you tired because you are in resistance. And you can \’think up\’ all sorts of scenarios for yourself, but often those scenarios don\’t even come true. So let go of the thinking and accept the \”not knowing\”. \”Not knowing\” often means that something new is coming for you, but that you don’t yet see it clearly. Often it also has to do with perfect timing of the universe. You really don\’t have to know everything! It’s also much more fun if you allow everything more and go along with what appears at any time. That keeps life beautiful and surprising. The spontaneity is there in every moment and you can see what comes to mind. Doing nothing will also give you all the answers and solutions that you are looking for, but it’s also nice to just enjoy doing nothing. Because we already have to do so much of ourselves … don\’t you think?

Stop being so hard on yourself and just try to stay in the moment … live in the NOW. And when you let go of everything, you automatically will see that you return to that flow and the answers and solutions will also flow in again. That is also self love! Self love is surrender to those moments when you just don\’t know anymore. And surrender is the key to success if you are in this stage.


Love D