Help heal your heart

We are all so busy with looking for solutions from the outside to feel good about ourselves, that we often forget that the inside is perhaps the most important thing to be confronted. Of course it helps to do fun things, to take good care of your body through the right diet and exercise, and to fill yourself with vitamins and the right way of thinking. But are you ever standing still at the moments you aren’t feeling well and what your body is trying to tell you? Or are you busy finding the solution from the outside, and are you fighting or fleeing? Fleeing is a common thing, we don\’t want to feel in a certain way, so we look outside of ourselfs for that distraction. Going out for a day or going to exercise, or do fun things or read a book or watch a movie etc etc. Of course this helps, but this only helps temporarily. Because those feelings will always come back and in some cases only worse. If you don’t dwell on those feelings for a moment, it will only get harder or you will get it back later due to an illness or other ailments. Go see why you feel the way you do, and what you feel, are you angry or frustrated or sad? Why are you so angry or sad? Are you not heard? Do you let other people cross your bounderies? Are you in survival mode and are you trying to stand tall? Are you afraid to talk or think about it?

Stay at home for once, even if the weather is beautiful and you are afraid that life will pass you by, and then see what your feelings are trying to tell you. Which thoughts come to mind? Are there specific feelings that are linked to those thoughts? Are there thoughts linked to an experience of the past? What happened in the past that makes you react and / or feel that way? Is this an old emotion that is linked to the feelings you have right now? Listening to your body doesn’t only mean that you have to listen to the needs of your body. So when your body is tired, you have to sleep or when you are hungry, you have to eat. Sometimes the body wants to tell more, and wants to be heard in another area.

Keep listening to your body

The body is so intelligent that it can heal itself. And therefore your heart can heal, if you are willing to listen. Your heart is the motor of the whole body, so you really have to allow your heart heal in order to feel better and to get that motor running again. And so you will have to go through those emotions that you feel positively and negatively. There is no shortcut, there is no easy road…

You will have to go through your pain, through your past, through your old emotions. See why you react that way, and why you act so stupid. Why you are sad, frustrated or angry. Sometimes you really have to dig deep into the mud of the past and see where certain emotions have arisen. Why you sometimes react like you do, and this without blame. Observing yourself with love, no matter how rotten or painful these feelings are and how difficult it is. Try to capture those moments when you feel bad, to look further and not to flee in this stimulating society where distraction is just around the corner. Because if you take those moments, you will help yourself further and you’ll dissolve those things so that they can’t come back.

Temporary happiness

I also see that people around me flee in a relationship, in starting a family, in work, doing fun things, placing expectations on someone else or on a situation. Of course this is not the case with everyone. But those who put their happiness in someone else\’s hands or depend on a certain situation, will have a rude awakening. A relationship can’t make you happy and you can not expect this. Another person can’t solve your problems if you aren’t happy with yourself. A job may temporarily make you happy, but don\’t expect it to stay that way if you’re not feeling well. They are all temporary solutions that ultimately don’t work if you don’t deal with it yourself. Another person or situation may make it lighter for you, but can never handle what you have to do yourself.

Listen to your heart

Go listen to your heart! What do you want and feel? What do you really want in your life? What changes should you make to change your life? Without those expectations? Without being bound by anything? What would you do then? What kind of emotions do you want to release? Or what frustrations do you really want to express? Why do you hope it will pass by itself, and therefore ultimately ignore your heart? Why do you do the things you do? Start writing things down for yourself. Go write down your feelings on paper and read it. Go see for yourself what the common theme is in the story you write down. And go see where you’re honest with yourself and others and where not. And go see if you can take steps to honestly express what you feel and experience and want. If you don\’t stand up for yourself, someone else will never be able to understand you. And if you’re not honest with yourself, someone else will not be honest with you. If you honestly express your feelings about yourself, you give the other person the space to do so. Only then will the world around you change, only then will the world around you be able to listen and take that into account. Only then will you come closer to your heart and find more peace in yourself and with yourself. So listen to what your heart has to say and be honest, only then can your heart heal!

“The heart is a muscle, and you strengthen muscles by using them. The more I lead with my heart, the stronger it gets.”— Mark Miller


Love D