The intensity of this time

We are just running around and sometimes it’s hard to catch our breathe. All kinds of physical and emotional complaints are passing by, of which we don’t know what to do with or where it comes from. We are being brought down, and we no longer know what to do with ourselves and what we need to do. These fierce times shake us apart, but everything is exactly as it should be. Oddly enough everyone tries to reason everything with his head, but you will never find the answers there. One moment you feel good, and then the other moment you’re completely lost. Nothing more to know, no longer able to think or function normally. And this is where it all starts, because this is where the new energy is starting to tune in to you. Your new self will shape here and you will slowly step into the new reality. It will go on for a while, but it is important that you continue to listen to your body and your needs throughout this process. That you take care of yourself in the whole process and realize that for example all old emotional bagage can come up. One moment you cry for nothing or you react out of frustration, while the other moment you are completely in the flow again and everything you want comes to you. It goes up and down, but will eventually slowly balance out.

Honor your body

It is important that you continue to listen to the needs of your body throughout this process. No matter how crazy those needs are. Sometimes you don’t want to do anything at all or nothing comes out, this is okay. Other times you eat everything you can get your hands on, and all your good intentions are out the door. This is also part of it. Then you have ailments or aches everywhere, and yes … unfortunately this is also part of it. One moment you are grounded, while the other moment you are light in your head. There may even be times when you are very forgetful, and simply lose pieces of your memory. Or that you can’t get out of certain words, or you’re just babbling. This is also okay, there is nothing wrong with you. Your body tries to keep up with the new and higher energies and to integrate them. This goes at a rapid speed. In order to integrate the energies faster and better, it is important that you do certain things. This can be different to just lying on the couch or bed and allowing everything as it is. Walking in nature, this also helps to intergrate the energies much easier. Do not resist and accept that this is a fierce period. Do things that make you happy. Go to a healer, the sauna, a masseur / masseuse to integrate everything. A healer can also help to make everything flow again. In contact with animals you can also ground and heal, because animals are natural healers.

Leave everything for what it is and enjoy again

Do things that increase your energy. Just do fun things that make you happy. At times when you have the energy for it, it is important to do everything that increases your energy, because this can help you throughout the process. Besides that nature can help you in this whole process, you can also watch comedy movies. Do creative things, such as making mood boards, baking, painting, writing, handcrafts, or something else that can make you happy. Go clean up your house so that the energy will flow again. Open your windows so new energy can come into your house. Go declutter your house and your wardrobe, get rid of all the old things. Because everything that is old and broken and what you no longer wear, also holds energy. Wear more color or apply it in your home. Colors hold a certain frequency that can increase your energy. The darker the colors, the more negative the energies are that stick to them. Go change your house, or change your clothing style. Dispose of all old items from the fridge / freezer or pantry. Buy flowers for yourself, because flowers can also increase your energy frequency. Light candles or incense if you can. You can also use other scents in your home, such as aromatherapy. Because scents also carry a certain increasing frequency. Go meditate, this also helps you to increase the energy. You can also listen to video’s on youtube that increase or balance your energy. These frequencies can also attract that which you need at that moment.

Here are a few examples:









As you can see, there are quite a lot, and if you look on youtube, you can look up everything that helps you. Each video has a different frequency, so you can look up to what you need at each moment. This can and will certainly help you. There are even videos that cleanse your space energetically, if you listened to this. So go and try everything for yourself, and feel. You will find that if you listen to this more often, you will balance your energies. You can also listen to mantras in the morning, which can help you start the day positively. Or videos that stimulate your pineal gland, this can help you open your third eye. And to be able to sleep better, there are also videos about sleep. So there are countless videos on youtube, with hours of music that can help you in the whole process. If you have questions about your process or blog, you can always send me a message.


Love D