Everyone can make a difference in this transformation time

Sometimes people want to change, but they do nothing about it. Not knowing how or what to do. But people often forget that a change does not have to be big. Even the smallest change can make a lot of difference. And the smallest change that can make the biggest difference is the way we think. Collectively we are all 1 large network which is connected to each other, only we don’t see it with the optical eye. Because we don’t see it, it is often difficult to understand or not really acknowledged. But the collective excists of 1 large energetic network, in which each line is connected to each other. But everyone lives in his or her own dimension, and own world. So every creation stands on it’s own. But because we are so interconnected, we also create the world around us and attract the people who belong to it. Everyone plays his or her role in the whole, and is there to help you further in your development. Not to oppose you, that is just an illusion. Every person experiences a certain growth that will bring us higher in our consciousness. There are several ascension processes in progress, and if you read this you already belong to that process of ascension. In this process of ascension are the people who are already awakening and understand that there is more between heaven and earth. Only not everyone in this process knows that they can make a big difference in this whole event.

It starts with thinking

Over the years many have come to think that we are people with a spiritual experience, while in fact it is exactly the other way around. Life is so intelligently put together that we can no longer distinguish the difference between hologram and reality. And so we think and believe that everything we see is our truth / reality. This is partly true, because we have created this with our thinking. But how do we do that? How do we create it? And what can we do to change it? It starts with our thinking. We do not know it, but thought power sends us wherever we want to go. It may not be as fast as we want, but nonetheless it does happen. Einstein also said that everything consists of energy. It is important to become aware of the thoughts that you send into the collective. That is why people always say that it is important to keep your focus as positive as possible and that everything you think, you can manifest. But do not be mistaken, it is also about not fooling yourself. What I am trying to say is that you don’t deny what you feel with moments. Sometimes you don’t feel positive, then you have to accept this feeling. It is not intended to force you to focus on the positive if you don’t feel that way. But that is perhaps the hardest part of everything.


In fact, it is about getting yourself reprogrammed slowly. That you become aware of the thoughts you have daily, about yourself and the world and people around you. Without deliberately pushing away certain emotions, and letting everything just be. When we are in the flow, we accept ourselves completely. With the good and bad sides, and we do not condemn ourselves. But what is important is that if you have a \’programming\’, because you are always complaining, that is certainly something you can change. You can certainly become aware of the fact that you always do this, and turn it into something positive. See that everything works for you, to teach you certain lessons or to hold up a mirror. Instead of working against you in every possible way. If you always have negative thoughts about yourself and your life, you can also change this by finding something that you are grateful for every day. With this you change the perspective on your life, and therefore things will change slowly. It\’s all about changing perspective, so you slowly \’reprogramme\’ yourself and thus learn to look at the world differently.

Affirmations and food for the mind

That is why a lot of people also say affirmations to reprogram the memory. By mentioning and repeating this so often enough, you will also believe in it at a given moment. If you say a child often enough that it is beautiful and that it can achieve anything it wants in life, then a child will believe it. Because a child doesn’t know any better than what he or she has heard their whole life and what has been learned. If you no longer know better at a given moment, then you will also believe in what you tell yourself every day. It seems easy, which it actually is. But it does require some practice and the will to change. That is why it is also important that you become aware of everything you see or read and pronounce. Everything affects your life and can make or break your life, so to speak. If you always watch misery on TV, this will also become reality to you. Everything we see on TV also has a certain frequency that it carries with it, and if we always watch miserable news, it will lower your energy / frequency / vibration. Because it lowers your frequency, for example, you start to think negatively more easily and quickly. And if you watch inspiring programs on TV, for example, it will increase your frequency and endorphin, making it easier for you to think and be more positively in life. This also applies to the information you read in books or on Facebook, for example. If you keep posting misery about the world on your facebook, how do you think your world will be? How do you think your reality will become? Of course it is good to know what is going on in the world, but that doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to spread it. Because then you are literally spreading fear and negativity, something that we as a collective do not want to go to. What you sow, you will reap.

Change today

So be aware of all the actions you do every day that can help you further in the process. And you can make your reality a beautiful reality. Who can color your world as you always wish and hope for. By doing and thinking those things that make you happy. So there are certain things that can lower your vibration / energy / frequency and can therefore make you think negative sooner. This will go on an unconscious level and can affect you negatively, so I will give you a few tips that can turn the process around.

Energy-boosting vibrations that can make a world of difference. As a few examples that can help you on your way;

– Pay attention to the thoughts that you think and broadcast (post only positive quotes / texts or funny videos that make you happy and raise your vibration on social media).

– the music you listen (is this hard rock or chill/calm music)

– creative expression (being creative also helps increase your frequency)

– movement such as exercising, dancing, walking

-food (we can’t consume dead food and expect to feel lively, so be aware of what you eat.)

-helping your fellow man can also give you a good feeling

-expressing gratitude, so you will see more of what you do, instead of not

-the nature (nature helps to clear your head and see things in a different perspective)

-the programs on TV that you watch and the material you read (make sure it\’s inspiring, motivating and loving)

– laugh, enjoy, dance or any other form of expression

-acceptance, kindness, passion, love

– drinking a lot of water (this purifies your system, alcohol and medication can counteract this)

So here are a few examples that can help you and can already be a world of difference. If you have questions about this blog or about something else, you can always send me a message.

Be the change, you wish to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi


Love D