This is a time when there are still a lot of triggers playing out with the people. When something happens, someone is already agitated. Strangely enough, this is what needs to happen collectively to play out. We all deal with triggers and it is also about how you deal with them. You can go into the other person\’s emotion or you can leave it there. And that is what it is all about, that we leave it with the other. If you take the emotions of someone else, then you end up with it. The point is that you’ll see that everyone is responsible for his or her own emotions. Every time you are or become aware of it, you are one step further in consciousness. And with awareness the process of healing comes. We all have to go through this because there are still old convictions that can be played out.


Stand in your strength


It is important that you remain in your own strength and continue to believe what you stand for and what you believe in. Everyone lives in his or her own dimension and we all play the game together. Since we all have already moved to the higher frequencies of the earth, the 5th world, it is important to see where you can apply the last remainders of healing. Without judgment, conviction, expectation, but just taking it as it is. See it as a process that you are currently in. If you have an opinion about it, you reaffirm yourself and make a conviction again that you can then tackle again. It is as if you are in a repetition of an old program that keeps you back.


This too shall pass


Despite of these moments which are passing by, keep in mind that everything happens exactly how it should happen. We have to go with the energy of the moment in order to allow it. No resistance anymore, but with the flow of the moment. It will not always be bad, but haven’t we had enough to deal with in life that we initially thought we couldn’t handle? The universe doesn’t give you the lessons that you can’t handle without purpose. You have chosen your soul path long before you were born, and it will ultimately give you those lessons and growth that will make you bigger, stronger and better. You will eventually balance everything out, if you give yourself time. It is about always choosing yourself in love and realizing that self-love is the key to the whole ascension process.


Choose for yourself


Stay nice to yourself in your actions, but also in your thoughts and towards others. Be an example for yourself and for others. You can only change this world if you want to find that balance again. By having confidence and surrendering to what life has to bring to you. Life can not always be the way you want it to be, but you can choose how you deal with everything. Trust yourself and the process and know that better times are coming. We will always have and keep our lessons in life, but you will learn to deal with it better and better. You are good, it’s all good, everything is good as it is and goes exactly as it should be going. That sun comes back from that cloud, because it has never been the intention that we will continue to suffer for a lifetime. Keep working on yourself and become your own best friend and make healthy choices for yourself, out of love for yourself. Do those things that make you happy and do not go with the drama of certain people or situations that are triggering you at this moment, because this too shall pass. You can choose to stick to it and/or go along with it, or let it go out of love for yourself. Create your own reality in love and you will see the change automatically. Stay in your power and stay in your balance and always choose your balance, because in it you will find your peace again.




Love D