What if you are completely exhausted?

As a highly sensitive person i really know that you can easily become over-stimulated. This can get in your way, and it can sometimes change your whole day. It goes from extreme fatigue to depressive feelings and thoughts. You have completely lost your focus and you no longer know how to pick yourself up and go on again. But is this something you have to do? Or is it just better to give in to what your body tells you and needs at that moment? It is difficult if you want to do everything and you have the feeling that life is passing you by, but it becomes more difficult if you do not give yourself the time and space to recharge and/or heal. This process can be quite frustrating and can evoke all kinds of feelings. Feelings of being useless, frustration, difficulty with surrender, being grumpy, sad and so on. But in fact, those feelings may also be present, because even those feelings of struggle want to be heard and felt. The more you go into resistance, the more difficult it becomes.

Giving yourself the space is sometimes difficult, partly because you are not like that and you are used to keep going. But if you keep going, the bucket will eventually end up full. People often wonder why they get sick and why this happens to them, even though they have always been healthy. Thinking that we should always have to fight and have to keep going to get through it. But in fact you are only breaking down your own body. The bow can not always be tense: emotions must also be processed. Body and mind work together, but strangely enough, people think that when they push the body, the mind automatically comes along. In some cases this can certainly apply. Only this can cause failure to process emotions and later in life it can lead to much worse illnesses.


Listen to your body


Listening to your body is crucial in this process and if you have never done that, it will take some getting used to. But a human and the body are intelligent and everything can be learned. The point is that you put your own health first. It will be trial and error, but you will experience yourself that it will work for you. And if you do it step by step, you will get to know your body better and the needs it has. This will make the body and mind more balanced. It will get easier to come and stay in balance. As a result, you will also feel better in your skin and this will also make you mentally happier.

So try to listen to your body a bit more, and see what it really needs and has to say. Is it tired? Then rest. Does it hurt? Seek help or feel what the pain means. Is it tense? Then find relaxation. Do you feel sadness or gloomy feelings? Give yourself permission to cry or see where those feelings come from and listen to them. Sit in that feeling, instead of fighting it. Fighting it often only makes things worse. Give in to it, no matter how difficult it is. But the feelings just wants to be noticed. That\’s life! Good and bad feelings, ying and yang, black and white, dark and light. Allowing all feelings brings you back into balance. And that gives you the necessary peace, focus and happiness – exactly what you are looking for. And I wish this for everyone!



Love D

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