A new beginning

I haven’t had any inspiration for a while to write something and i follow my feelings in this, but I have been inspired by “lightraisers” to start writing again. Lately I have been busy with coming back to myself, following my feelings, planning my way and closing the past. The energies of the last months were too intens, because we were all forced to look at ourselves and our lives and the lessons in our lives. By going through old causes of pain and healing and all those things where healing was needed. I can’t escape it either, and I also have to ride on the waves of energy and healing and go whitin. And given that my masculine energy is a little stronger, I am unconsciously going into resistance. I know it would help me more if I started to meditate, but given my masculine energy I can not find the peace in myself to really sit down. The feminine energy itself is more peaceful, something I am partly forced to do. Especially recently, when I simply did not have the energy to do anything. Even every kind of movement was too much for me, and I could only lie on the couch and give in to it. In my head I wanted to continue, but my body went into resistance and just turned off. Adjusting to the moment is difficult if you have an powerful masculine energy in your system. But since we are in an era where we are forced to get more into our feminine energy, we can’t escape looking at ourselves in a different way. And to approach the softer and more open side of ourselves.


Old patterns

This time old patterns also come up to be faced again and to be changed, where it has to be adjusted. And in this process it is important not to be too hard on yourself. See where you are and have been, recognize your \’old patterns\’ and see that you have grown and are no longer the person you were. See that these patterns come up to be healed, and see where you can reprogram your \’old patterns\’. Know that when something \’old\’ comes up, you can tell yourself a new story. You are not like that anymore and you don’t have to worry about anything anymore, because you have learned from all those processes. These processes were necessary for you to grow, but you have an opinion about it somewhere. Your judgments about your patterns, processes, past, experiences have locked you somewhere. And only you can unlock yourself again by simply looking at it as an experience or lesson, without judgment. You can look at it with a different perspective, because your consciousness has grown. You know that all those lessons were necessary for your personal development and growth, which made you who and what you are now. It is not about the ultimate goal and about the past, it is about the path you walk and the lessons you take with you and that help you grow. These lessons will help you get back to your source and will help you to come back to center. Something we have been forgotten by all those programming of society …is being ourselves!


The energy of this time

The energy of this time will help to anchor all your lessons learned. Where certain processes come to the surface and still need healing, but you just have to be aware of this. Your not falling back, you’re just going deeper. The coming months will feel lighter and you will get the help you seek and need if you just continue to follow your intuition and continue to have faith in the path your on. Just let yourself be carried away by the energy of this time and leave all judgments behind. You are exactly where you need to be and you\’ve done your best and you’re still doing that, don’t be to hard on yourself. Because we have been to hard on ourselves long enough and have had an opinion on everything for too long. Let judgment on everything and everyone go and start all over, because judgment only brings seperation. Let\’s all go back to unity, because we all came here to learn and to embark on the adventure. The judgment on everything makes it a path of suffering from which we can not heal. Everything is good, and you are good as you are! You are exactly on the right path, just trust that. As long as you let go of the judgment to yourself and others, you will see how quickly your life and energy will change. This energy can help you in this whole process, if you allow yourself to be carried along with this flow of energy and let go of the control. Just enjoy every experience and if you feel a judgment come up, reprogram yourself and say that this is not your reality. You choose your own reality, you have the power in your hands, only you have forgotten it. We create our own reality and this new energy will only help you. Trust is the key and it all starts with you!




Love D

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