When you are \’authentic\’, you will attract much more people

In a life full of masks and everyone who has created a certain identity just to be able to or want to belong somewhere, authentic people are the most wanted. Through the years we have been taught to want to or we need to belong to something else, because otherwise you will be left out. And if you do not belong to something, and thus become the well-known \’black sheep\’, you will  be looked at with a crooked face. But now the time has come for the \’black sheep\’ to come into the light and be a forerunner of how it can and should actually go. Because every person has been created in his or her unique way, and has received all kinds of qualities, skills and talents that they can show to the world. How crazy this might sound or seem, because nothing is more important than authenticity. We can all learn from each other, and by allowing ourselves to be fully connected we can inspire each other.

Odd man out

I was always a strange duck and other people often did not understand me, maybe that is still the case now. Because of this I never felt good enough and was always busy to understand what was \’wrong\’ with me. And wondered why I was not just like everyone else. Now you see it went wrong with me, so I have always adjusted myself in my younger years. Something you should never do in the first instance. But that was the time I grew up in and that was how it was. If you were out of the ‘ordinary\’, then you were noticed. And of course that was not allowed. This all has to do with the conditionings we grew up in and got formed. We are all put in one school and all of us are expected to learn and be able to perform the same courses, and then to achieve the same according to the same learning programs. Yes, perform for a society of consumption and materialism. We are expected to obey and that we will look for a job and start earning money to \’survive\’. I say survive, because if you are in the process of complying with the rules of society (according to the matrix), then you are surviving instead of living. We see no other way out than to have a job and to have to work to provide ourselves with everything we (think we) want and have. We have forgotten to think and act creatively in order to see that there are many more options and possibilities that can give us that life that we want and desire.

You create your reality

In a society in which one is taught to obey, which already starts at school. It is being learned to consume, by being brainwashed every day by, for example, the commercials on TV and leaflets that you recieve. A society in which you have learned where you can not be different, because then you will not fall within the frameworks. And so those people who do fall outside like me, a big part of our life start to doubt ourselves and what we have to offer. That we start to doubt how we should be, instead of how we may be. The society wants to make us all slaves of the system if we do not pay attention. Because in reality you have something beautiful to offer and in reality there is more desire for people who dare to be different. The people who dare to stand up in this time of change, if we believe in it. It is time to let your own \’self\’ come forward and make your talents shine, or discover. It is time to regain your creativity and create your dream life from there. Get rid of the matrix and get rid of all the expectations of society and everything around it.

Back to your authentic self

It is time that you will become your authentic self again. There is nothing wrong with you, because it is precisely your authentic self that can bring about so much. And if you dare to be your authentic self, and dare to shine, regardless of other people\’s opinions, then you will only flourish more. You will be the light for so many others and inspire other people to do the same. The time has come for everyone to dare to show themselves again. The time has come to radiate and to do what you have always wanted to do and on the other hand to explore what you would like to do differently. It is time to find your happiness again and to choose for yourself and your happiness.

It does not really have to be that difficult, but it does mean that you can choose for yourself. Always see what makes you happy, and you discover yourself completely. Create your new self and release your old self. It may be difficult to make certain choices and step out of your comfort zone, but if you dare to dot it, you will see a world opening up for you. And when you form your authentic self and follow your authentic path, you will naturally attract the right people on your path who want to follow the same mission as you. And because you allow yourself to be your authentic self, you also allow other people to be their authentic selves. And this is a magnet for other people to follow, to be inspired and then also to be an inspiration for others. And so everything will spread like a running fire, and so we can only help each other on this path to enlightenment and especially our authentic self.

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson


Love D