Get out of your shadow and step back into the light

This is a slogan which can be used for everyone, because too long we have been hidden from the world and ourselves. Never choosing for ourselves or let ourselves take for granted and not choose ourselves because of lack of self-confidence, old beliefs and what we have been taught. But now the time has come to stand in our light. Now is the time to show that we also matter. Why always give, if we are also allowed to receive. You can never be fully balanced if you are always giving. Have faith in yourself and what you deserve, you are allowed to claim your happiness, because that is your birthright. Trust your light and show the world your talents. Although you do not fully trust, just start somewhere. Because what you do not see in yourself others do see in you. And in your turn you can be an inspiration for another. Who said that your talents are not valuable? We have come here to learn from this world, from ourselves, our talents, to grow in all that we do. Why should not we try those things, of which we know deep down that we want to do and share. But somehow don’t dare because of our insecurity and old beliefs. It is time to leave your shadow and stand in the light.


Shadow work


We have done enough shadow work and now is the time to shine our light on the last parts so that everything in you can be healed. Those parts that you normally always try to slide under the carpet. But these parts too, want to be heard, seen and felt. So trust your own abilities and that these parts can teach you the best lessons. Trust yourself and do not let yourself be held back by that shadow, and step into the light. Do not sit too long in that dark shadow, if you have a relapse. But focus on the light at the end of that tunnel. Because that light is there, because that light is you! The light has always been there, in you! But you never saw yourself in the light. For years bent under a veil of  judgments and criticism. To yourself and therefore also the whole world around you. But this is not the truth, this is an illusion. Step into the light and see the veil fall away. But also understand that the shadow is needed to learn those lessons that help you grow. Growing in consciousness, in your human being. Grow in those parts that have made you who and what you are now. Every person is unique, and everyone is allowed to stand in his or her own uniqueness. Trust your light and do not be afraid of it. Break through those comfort zones, because it is so beautiful on that other side. If you want to see it ..


Stay true to your heart


You will have to remain faithful to what you feel is good for you. Follow your path without listening to the opinions of others. Be the wolf and leave the sheep in you behind. People will always criticize your light, because somewhere they want to be that light too. Not knowing that they contain the same light. Not knowing that we all come from the same source, and that we all can ‘create’ in this beautiful world. Yes the world is beautiful, if you want to see for yourself. If you dare to allow all those parts of yourself that you normally do not want to see. Everything is just as it needs to be. We should embrace everything in ourselves, including that dark part. So shine your light, by following your own path. And by doing that, which makes your heart happy. You are here on earth to create your own happiness, so you can take the steps that will take you there. Go play and enjoy again. Fall in love with yourself and all your abilities. You are such a beautiful person, and you may also see that yourself. Be proud of all your victories, big or small. See what you’ve already accomplished for and with yourself. It doesn’t have to be that big. Sometimes a day just ‘being’ is enough. So many processes you have had to endure, and so many lessons to learn. You can be proud of that. You can often give yourself a pat on the back, because your doing it all yourself. And with this intention and trust you can step into the light. Where you belong! Where everyone belongs!




Love D