Follow your own way

In a world in which you are already overwhelmed by the range of all kinds of roads that you can follow, it sometimes is difficult not to get influenced. And if you think you have found your way, you always have to deal with the people around you who criticize that. The \’no\’ sayers or the \’doom thinkers\’ or the jealousy of people who have not yet found their own light. There can be anything on your path, which prevents you from shining your light … following your own way. It’s important that you always listen to your heart, what do your feelings say … what do you really want to do? Without the noise of the outside world .. Take a good look at your wishes and your desires, which can bring you to that piece of happiness.
Why would you let something or someone take over your path? If you are in your power and do whatever makes your heart beat faster, then in time you will be an inspiration to many. Of course it’s not easy, but change is never easy. But do you always have to bend at the expense of your own happiness? Is it not true that you have come to this world to create your talents, to follow your path, to do those things that you desire so much?


Also in relationships you see a lot that people always stay together, because they are afraid to be alone. But if you have those thoughts, you already are alone. Because nobody can make you happy, only you can do that. If you don’t dare to step out of a relationship because of the opinions and / or convictions of others or yourself (ego), then are you doing the wrong thing? Then it’s at the expense of your own happiness? That is not self-love? It is precisely the opposite, because it shows that you don’t love yourself enough to make those choices that are better for you. That you choose what you desire and need. The more you choose for yourself, the more things will cross your path that will bring you happiness. Then you are following your heart\’s desire, and then things in your life will go much more effortlessly. But apparently there are still many people who choose this difficult road, because these people still have a conviction that it must be like that. And then I am also talking about relationships that make you unhappy, where you learn nothing from each other. Relationships where you stay together out of habit or honor (ego).

No sayers

You will always have no sayers and it often says more about the person in question that says no to you, than that it really says something about you. Once you realize how many people are self-projecting, you will not go to someone else for advice. And in fact, you don’t even have to, because you can find all the answers deep within. But we come from a time where people always are used to ask for advice from others. Somewhere we have lost faith in ourselves, so we always want a second opinion. And you can quickly blame someone else if you have accepted the advice, because it is sometimes difficult to take the blame on yourself. Pointing fingers will happen quickly, because people are afraid to take responsibility for the choices that are made. But somehow that’s not quite right, because then you also say no to yourself. There is so much power in taking your own responsibility for something. And don’t be afraid of what your surroundings do or don’t think. Because that too is following your path. Taking responsibility for mistakes you have made does not make you a bad person … It is beautiful if you dare to admit your mistakes, because that is where growth begins.


If you take your responsibility for something and admit your mistakes, then this only shows your vulnerability. Something that just has to come out more these times, is the vulnerability of a person. Because by being that, you also show your authenticity. And authenticity is precisely what the world needs. When more people show their vulnerability … their authenticity, they show their surroundings that it’s okay to be the same. In this you will again be an example for many. This world has acquired the wrong image of vulnerability and sees it as a weakness. While vulnerability … \’showing your true self\’ is precisely your strength. Vulnerability opens up so many more doors, and will help you grow so much more and give depth to your life. Life has so much more to offer when you stand in your power and take responsibility for yourself. That is also choosing your own way. Be an example for others, but especially for yourself. You are your own greatest inspiration if you allow it. When you are in your power, you don’t let yourself be fooled by anything or anyone and you trust your own abilities. This is the path that we all should go on and need to follow. Nothing stands in your way anymore, only yourself … the choice is yours;)


Love D