The art of being alone

Being alone is something a lot of people fear, but somehow it’s the most beautiful thing there is and everyone should give this as a present to themselves. Even if it’s only for a certain period, because in that time you can learn so much about yourself. Being alone is a very beautiful process you have to learn, and which will bring you more than you ever thought. In the whole process of being alone, you are confronted with yourself! And a lot of people don’t want that at all, because somehow there is not enough self-love to realize that you only need yourself to be happy. Somehow you don’t trust yourself enough, so you always have the need to look for everything outside of yourself. Yes, of course, everyone loves sociability, that is something else. But being truly alone is perhaps the most difficult thing for many people. I also did face these same issues and thought that I could never live alone or be alone. Strangely enough, I now mostly want to be alone and it really has to be an addition to me if I ever want to share my energy with someone. In the past I didn’t realize that I was giving away my energy so easily to everyone, just to \’please’ everbody\’. Being sociable, talking, doing things, can also cost energy, and it’s up to you to find a balance in that.

Time to break loose

We have come into a time where many people realize that they are not happy the way things go now, and a lot of relationships are breaking up. People want to look for fulfillment, fill the void. But you can only do that yourself and only you can give yourself that piece of happiness that you are looking for.
By taking yourself on a date, by doing things alone,  by being alone with yourself and feeling good about yourself is a gift that you will thank yourself for if you have created that for yourself. But if you have to work towards it, it can be very difficult. Your reality has always been different, so mentally you’re not there yet. Mentally the biggest struggles come by and you can make yourself crazy in your head, if you think you will only be happy with one person or several people.
But the power is just being being on your own as much as possible and to turn inwards, getting to know yourself in a way that you have never been able to do. Look yourself in the eyes and be really satisfied with who you are and what you do. Go on discovery with yourself and see what you like about yourself or what you like to do. Learning to play in the world again and go on adventure with yourself and explore. It’s all part of it, if you dare to break free from those things that no longer resonate with you. If you choose to be alone again, however difficult it may be for you.

Your own energy

Being alone can put you back in your power and you also learn to know your own energy. You learn how it feels to feel your own energy, without the influence of other energies. You learn what makes you feel good and where you don’t feel comfortable anymore. You learn to honor yourself, and you will have more self-worth. Self-love is the key to ascension, and will bring you more than you’ve ever thought possible. Your own energy teaches you much better to deal with your boundaries and needs and teaches you to say no. You will appreciate yourself much more, and you will be more selective about what and who you spend your energy on. And sometimes that means that you only feel happy when you are alone with yourself! Just know that this is also good, because you are starting to believe more in yourself, and appreciate yourself, and love yourself. You are going to anchor your energy until you are so strong that nothing touches you anymore. And you never let yourself be influenced by anything or anyone and you’re learning to choose for yourself. Getting to know your own energy is perhaps the most important thing about being alone. Because that way you can feel exactly what’s yours and what’s not yours. You’re going to learn that you have given too much of yourself for too long, and you learn how important it is to stay in your own energy. You’re going to learn that being alone is going to give you so much joy, and nothing or no one can just intervene. You’re going to learn that being alone puts you back into your power and gives you so much more value.


The art of being alone is that you choose for yourself and thereby also learn to love to live with yourself. And only then you will see how much value it is to be together, because you know you can be alone and that being alone is also very beautiful. Because that’s where your inner processes follow, which put you back in your power. That you can do what you want, when you want and wherever you want. You learn to be in your strength and how to play in life, without being responsible  ..
Too often we put our happiness into another person\’s hands, whilst someone else can’t make you happy. You have to do it yourself and someone cannot change or addapt to make you happy. It has to go smoothly, without expectations. Without putting someone in a straitjacket, because this person can’t be responsible for you. Everyone has to lead his or her life as he or she wants, without putting too much pressure on each other. Yes in a relationship you make compromises, that\’s normal. But don’t expect anything from each other, by putting the luck in someone else\’s hands. Raising the bar on the pile of expectations you already have. You can fill all those expectations yourself, and together you can be a nice addition to each other\’s lives. But keep the value to yourself and choose for your happiness. You yourself determine the value of your life and your happiness!


Love D