Heal your inner child

In this time many old wounds come up, and not everyone knows how to deal with them. It can take a long time if you choose to. If you choose to bury your head in the sand and go back into the ego. The ego that doesn’t want to see, feel, hear and speak about the pain it has. The ego wants to be strong, and therefore keep you weak. But the ego no longer serves in this way, because the ego can slowly go to the background. Of course we will always need the ego, but no longer in the way we think. The ego serves to protect in real distress, but not to always be around and to protect everything. Because in fact no one has to be protected these times. It is all an illusion when we think that we need the ego to survive, because from love we can achieve much more. Love for the \’inner\’ child is perhaps the most important thing that is needed at this moment, to come back to your center. The source we come from is pure love, only we do not feel it yet.

To feel

That is the key to the whole healing process that we are all going through. We can’t escape from what we are feeling. Because if we try to escape, the universe will be very clear in the lessons you get served. The more you decide to remain unconscious, and to follow your ego, the harder your lessons will be. Continually you will be triggered and your lessons will be shown. Until you find your way back to love. The path to love for the \”inner\” child in you is the key to healing. Self-love is the key to healing. And only love can give you that life that you long for. A life full of possibilities, opportunities, peace, harmony and love again. No more separation and only choose those things that make your soul grow and makes you happy.


In this process it’s also important that you choose yourself, in all possible ways. You have to begin to make choices that will only help your higher self, your \”inner child\” and your future self and thus your soul grow. It’s important that you listen to the needs you have, physically and on the inside. That you are only going to make choices that will take you and keep you on the right path. You can let go of all that holds you in duality, and only choose that which resonates with you. Is there drama? Then that is a sign that you can let go. Is there conflict? Then you can let that go. If other people cause these dramas or conflict, you may let go of them and walk your own path. If there is negativity that constantly wants to pull you back or trigger you, then that’s a sign that you have to get out and draw a bounderie for yourself. Boundaries are important, because you have never had enough bounderies as an \’inner\’ child. Your \’inner\’ child has really never been heard. Underlying pain has been brewing all that time, so now that pain wants to come out and be seen, heard and felt. It wants to be healed, and come back to a state of love.

Choose the path of happiness

So from now on, choose only those things that make you happy. Because it can really be that easy. As soon as you choose that path for yourself, you will see that the universe opens its doors for you. And then those things will come your way, that will bring you that love and happiness that you are so searching for. Just think of the \’inner\’ child, who just wants to play and discover. The \’inner\’ child sees joy and pleasure in everything and there are no conflicts or dramas for the \’inner\’ child. The \’inner\’ child can fantasize and create the most beautiful worlds and sees no harm, but only love. The \’inner\’ child can come back again, if you choose that path of happiness. If a child does not like something, a child simply doesn’t. If a child does not like to eat something, a child does not eat that. If a child no longer wants to play with someone, a child simply doesn’t do that anymore. It can be that simple and that\’s how simple it is. Only on the road to our adulthood we lost that child, in the belief that we had to grow up. Yes society doesn’t make it easy for us with all those rules, beliefs, methods or education, etc. etc. But that doesn’t mean that we have to push our \’inner\’ child away. It’s precisely our \’inner\’ child that can give us that fire and that playfulness to take on the adventure of life. Try things out and don’t feel obliged to stay somewhere, out of safety, comfort zone or because of the opinions of other people. Stop it right there! Go and be as simple as a child in your thinking and living. What doesn’t work for you, simply doesn’t work for you and then you just move along. Nobody has obliged you to stay anywhere or be attached somewhere. We have all received free will here on earth, so we can also act on it. Do only those things that you like, and only deal with the people that make you happy. If it doesn’t resonate anymore, then you will continue …. that’s how easy it can go.


Healing comes naturally when you do what makes you happy. It’s time to choose for yourself. It’s time to live again, to feel, to express yourself. Speak from your heart and express your feelings. Especially the men, who are always in their ego because they think that they have to be though or strong. NO!! Stop it! We all have masculine and feminine energy in us, and in order to get them in balance, and thus get yourself in balance, we can also show that soft side of us. We can show how we feel, and we are allowed to cry and grieve. It’s okay to be vulnerable, because that also brings us closer to ourselves. Closer to our \’inner\’ child who can show us a world full of wonders, if we are open to it. Don’t be fooled by society, and get back into your strength. Your strength out of softness and vulnerability, from where you can manifest the most beautiful world. We can manifest everything we want if we start to believe again as a child. If we dare to let all those emotions go, just like a child. If a child is angry, a child shows the anger. Just like with sadness, happiness and all the other emotions that come with it. A child does not think about it, and just does it. We can also embrace that consciousness again, because that brings us the healing that we need as a collective. Everything that we heal from within will be reflected in the outside world. Just allow everything to be, by allowing the \”inner\” child. In this way we will heal the \’inner\’ child and thus ourselves and so we will return to ourselves.


Love D