How focus and trust can determine your reality

We are in a time of division and change and this divisiveness can bring about all kinds of creations. It is not always nice what you may have created, but sometimes it is necessary. Since we are all on our way to a higher consciousness, it also has to do with our entire ascension process. We are going to grow into a more conscious version of our being, one that can and will see everything from a larger whole. One without judgment and one in which trust will be the most important motivation. To get there, we need the focus first. This is perhaps a challenge, especially when you are putting things out for yourself and the outside world \’in your eyes\’ is working against you. But know that nothing happens for no reason, and all this is necessary to help you grow and develop into your true essence. And that is to come back to the state of love. In order to get there, all kinds of \’realities\’ will come on your path that you might not want to experience. These can trigger you and try to release certain emotions from you. Know that this also belongs to your process, and that all kinds of layers may be healed. If you allow these emotions to be, and will not fight against it.


Fear is creating the wrong direction


If you fall back into your fears, for example rejection or not being accepted, then you know that this is not your real state of being. And this is not the reality in which you want to live and where you are headed. From a state of fear you can actually create more of this at that moment. But if you start looking inside of yourself and in do this in love, then you will see that the source is only love. And from love you can create the most beautiful things. But to get to that state, you will first have to go through your own fear parts. You do this by allowing these emotions to exist without holding on to them. Recognizing that you feel that way without pushing it away. Knowing that you are in a process of letting go, and that it is only temporary if you allow it.


Go with the flow of life


If you go along with the emotions which come up and get triggered, you will find that you go along with the flow of life. They are just like waves, which make you feel good one moment and the other moment, less well. This is all okay, if you keep in mind that this is all part of the process. And you can just sit the ride out without any resistance. We have always been in resistance for so long, through the survival strategies we have applied over the years that it will take some getting used to. But in that you can keep trust in the process and in yourself. This can sometimes mean that you need or should take some extra time for yourself, and may withdraw. Because you also have to process things, this is also the flow of life.


Every thought creates your reality


Stay aware during this entire process that your thoughts can manifest at a fast pace. It may not always be fun, but the nice thing is that you can also create back again. If you have no idea how to do this, I would start slowly. You can start training your thoughts just like you train your body for example. Or if you want to learn a new language. You are also reprogramming yourself. And you want to stay aware of how you are developing in a positive way. You want to create it differently and more confidently, and no longer out of fear. So every time you have a thought of fear, you go back to your feelings. Is this an old emotion that is coming up? Or is this based on truth? Or does it have to do with someone else? Is someone self-projecting on me? Why are these self-projections effecting me? Go ask questions and then feel what is yours and what belongs to someone else. Go feel that when an emotion comes up, it is an old belief that wants to leave your system. And to bring you back to another state of being. If you think certain things, try to turn the thought into another reality. One from love and one from which you know that everything is fine. This is here to help you in your development, to help you grow. This is part of the process, so keep your trust in the process. Stay constantly aware of your thoughts and your processes. And with negative thoughts, you always try to turn it back to positive.


Trust helps you on your way to the right manifestations


Because you are consciously engaged in this whole change process of creation and your thoughts about it, you will notice that you can also bend everything through your way of thinking and seeing. This requires practice and trust. But every time you go back to trust, you get a step further. Keeping faith in the process that creating can bring you back on track in your state of consciousness. Your growth to a higher consciousness. If you have lost your trust, you will need to meditate. Or you go into nature and make a connection with nature. Do something creative, such as drawing or painting, crafts, writing, baking, or something that makes you happy. If you do something that makes you happy, then you also increase your vibration and this will ensure that you will gain more confidence in the process. You refocus, and get back in your heart from your head. From fear, back in love and therefore trust. But no pressure and don\’t try to force things, try to act out of love for yourself. If you are going to force things again, then you are not kind to yourself and then you get out of the flow. Sometimes processes simply get on your path, and then you tackle those things that are needed. From love at that moment. You do not have to look especially for these thing, because everything goes automatically when you are ready. Everything comes naturally to you when you need it, for that change in yourself and for that healing in yourself. This also helps you to trust again.


Why is focus the key to everything?


So now you understand why focus is the most important of all there is, and that focus brings you back to your source. Source of love and trust in everything there is. Focus can determine your entire day. If you come to a point in your day where you have lost yourself and you do not know anything for a moment, then you go back to yourself. You do this for example as well and consciously to breathe to your heart and to follow your breath, while taking back your focus. Realize when you do something out of fear, you are back in your head. And when you are back in your heart, you can create and live again from love and trust. Focus helps you on your way to trust, and focus helps you to grow again in your consciousness. Trust helps you to let go of those old fears and to live again from your source and from love. So every day you do something to bring yourself back to that bit of focus on yourself. Pull back, and take the time. Realize that everything happens for a reason and that there is no right or wrong. Focus on your process and do not be distracted by anything or anyone, and if this does happen, then you know that this happens for a reason. Then you know that these processes are triggering you in your process to let go of what no longer belongs to you and helps you grow in your consciousness. Then you know that you are peeling off another layer of that onion, bringing you closer to your source. Then you know that you are going back to yourself and your true essence. Your source, from which you can create with love.


Love D

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