The way to higher consciousness

We are all gaining momentum for a higher level of consciousness and sometimes you even have to catch your breath and see what is happening around you. Partly you can get angry by what is going on in the world and start to assemble pieces of the puzzle and another part of you can get more faith. It depends entirely on which level of consciousness you are. The more you are involved, the more you learn and the more aware you become. The term \”waking up\” is also used. You are going to see how the world really is and you can partially go into resistance, but if you get further into higher consciousness you will also notice that you can create your own reality and you can change the world. And this can be by only changing your vibration / frequency / consciousness.

You may think, this is a crazy thought. But once you have received and processed your various layers that have kept you asleep, you will start working through your awakening process, and see how the world really works and that everything is an illusion. I\’ve been on a point in my life where i thought it was strange when people said that everything is an illusion, but believe me when you will wake up, you will see how \’reality\’ really is. Then you will notice that everything does not matter, because you can create reality yourself. Also your worry and drama that you have or had and also the path you are following is or has been your own creation. But for now it is only important that you are \’awake\’ or \’awakening\’ for everything that is going on in the world and realize that it can not go on that way anymore. We can bring change, we can change the world by learning to trust again, believing in love and above all becoming and staying positive. Those are the first keys, the rest will follow when you are ready for it.


On the path of awareness you will notice that you will think and act and believe differently and not everyone will be able or willing to believe in you. Or that not everyone will understand you, or they might rather think that you are going crazy. But nothing is less true and you can rely on the process. You are going to lose people, but other people are coming back for it. You will no longer connect with the people and situations with which you have become familiar for years and you will follow your own path. A few will still be able to keep track of you, but once you enter that depth of consciousness, there is no way back.

The path to detachment has begun and you are approaching a new world. Continue to have confidence in the process, even though you sometimes fall back into old thinking and old patterns. During this whole process you will become more aware of yourself and the lessons in life that have changed you and have awakened you. You\’re going to heal and healing can be painful, but also this will pass. Everything is good and it will always be good, if you will always have confidence. At the end of the journey, everything will become clear. And then nothing matters, because all is good as it is.


Diana Douma