Transformation to the light

We are all in a transformation to the light, whether we believe it or not. It is the energy that is now circulating and spreading like an oil slick on earth. Of course this does not go without a struggle and everyone experiences the necessary inconveniences, but it is all for a good cause. For the greater purpose, because life as it is now on earth is of course not the ideal image we had in mind.


Happiness is something we seek outside ourselves to a large extent and we strive to the bitter end. But at what costs and under what conditions? Are you really happy? Or are you trying to keep up appearances? Don\’t you feel that there is more, a reason why you are here on earth? Or do you think this is life and you have to meet the expectations of society? Do you find it normal that animals are used and abused for human pleasure? If you think about it, do you think it\’s normal that there are wars? That you need a job to live or, rather, survive? What stops you from discovering your true talents and qualities and sharing that with the world?


Everyone has been given a unique talent, only you have to discover them yourself. Go and do creative things to discover those talents. Get out of your comfort zone and turn in a direction that you would never normally choose. Try not to think about what other people will think, but follow your own path. You never know if those talents and qualities will come in handy later and you will be an example for many. But you have to start somewhere. See life as a playing field and try everything. Step out of your cocoon, your comfortzone and see the possibilities, because they are innumerable if you want to see them. Get out of that straitjacket and just start. You can develop talents. It will not be easy at first. You will certainly condemn yourself properly because you do not know better. You are in an unknown territory.

Hidden treasures

Start with those things that are easy for you. What you see as normal is a talent for someone else. With that you can inspire someone else and maybe even help them. Perhaps by what you do, you can give other people that push to move forward and discover their talents. It is all part of the process of life. Nobody is better than anyone and everyone has to start somewhere. What you don\’t like about yourself, may be something someone else does likes about you. Be your own inspiration, because by discovering your own hidden treasures, you discover what  more fun life makes. Come out of your old role and see, do, test and feel! Life can be as beautiful as you make it yourself, but then you can go on a voyage of discovery in yourself. Enter that adventure with yourself and you will change the world around you. Step into that new way, because now is the time.


Love D

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